Eastman Music Company

Eastman 52nd Street Model ETS652RL

"I am very happy to announce my endorsement with Eastman Woodwinds. This horn melts the beautiful timber of an old Selmer with the deepness and power of a Conn Saxophone. It is one of the best new horns in today's market."

Meridian Winds

Ergonomic Heavy Mass Saxophone Neck Screws

"As soon as I tried the Meridian Winds neck screws, the sound on my tenor sax got even better! The horn opened up very nice, without losing the amount of resistance that I personally like. The sound got more centered and rich. The Meridian Neck Screws are definitely an improvement for the sound of every saxophone."

Gonzales Reeds - Mendoza, Argentina

Jazz Local 627 for Bb Tenor Jazz Saxophone

"With Gonzalez Reeds, I found a balance between a  powerful focus and warm sound. This type of reed fits perfectly with my tenor saxophone setup. As a result, I have 100% the saxophone color I like."