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iQba's brief description. 

This project has a fresh, energetic and groovy sound. It melts music elements from modern Jazz with the groove of Afro Cuban rhythms and Timba, a modern Cuban dance genre which was born during 1990's. 

The name iQba (iQ-Cuba), was inspired on the economic crisis in Cuba in the 1990's. At that time, Cuban music evolved in response to the social anxiety and hardships in the island. Timba is a dance genre that gave voice to a historical moment in Cuba. The tittle  iQba (iQ-Cuba), makes reference to those years in the island and speaks to the innate intellectual capacity of the Cuban people to reinvent themselves with creativity and by using unlikely resources. iQba is a musical representation of the years of Carlos' youth listening to Timba music in a neighborhood influenced by the Yoruba religion, and from his learning experiences as a band member of Cuban Timba bands, performing the night away in front of large, dancing crowds.  

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Averhoff, Jr

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by Carlos Averhoff Jr


SEpt.  11th - iQBa CD Release COncert - Opening Season of JazzStand on Abram 2018-'19, Dallas TX. 



Aug. 31th (9pm) With Limelight @ ZGrill, Flowermound, TX

Aug. 25th (8pm) With Limelight Private event

Aug. 24th (8pm) With Limelight Private event

Aug. 19th (11am) Averhoff Jr. & John Adams Jazz Duet @ Winewood, Grapeville TX

Aug. 18th (8pm) With Limelight Private event

Aug. 17th (8pm) With Limelight Private event

Aug. 16th (8pm) With Limelight Private event

Aug. 12th (11am) Averhoff Jr. & John Adams Jazz Duet @ Winewood, Grapeville TX

Aug, 11th (8PM) With Jonathan Fisher Jazz Quartet Private Event, Dallas TX

Aug. 10th (9pm) With Limelight 3rd Bar street, Fort worth TX

Aug. 10th (2pm) Saxophone Master Class @ Mansfield High School, Mansfield TX

Aug. 10th (10am) Recording session with Dr. William Villaverde, Argyle TX

Aug. 5th  (7pm) Carlos Averhoff Jr & Afro-Cuban Quartet, Steve Wine Bar, Denton TX

Aug. 4th  (8pm) With Limelight Private event

Aug. 3rd  (8pm) With Good Question Band Private event


July 30th (8pm) With Daniel Metthews Band on Tribute to Joe Henderson @ Dan's Silverleaf, Denton TX

July 29th (11am) Averhoff Jr. & Stefan Karsslon Jazz Duet @ Winewood, Grapeville TX

July 28th (8pm) With GQ Private event

July 27th (8pm) With Limelight Private event

July 22th (4pm) Guest artist with Mike Drake Quartet- Tribute to John Coltrane, Times 10, Dallas

July 21th (8pm) With Limelight Private event

July 20th (8pm) With Limelight Private event

July 15th (5pm) Averhoff Jr. & Iresi @ Dan's Silverleaf, Denton TX

July 15th (11am) Averhoff Jr. & John Adams Jazz Duet @ Winewood, Grapeville TX

July 14th (9pm) With Limelight Private event

July 13th (9pm) With Limelight Private event

July 12th (8pm) Averhoff Jr. Jazz Quartet on Tribute to John Coltrane, Denton TX

July 6th  (9pm) With Limelight Private event

July 4th  (7pm) With Limelight Private event

July 3rd  (8pm) With Limelight Private event


June 30th  (8pm) With Limelight Private event

June 29th  (8pm) With Limelight Private event

June 24th  (11AM) With Stefan Krasslon @ Winewood, Grapeville TX

June 23th  (8pm) With Limelight Private event

June 22th  (8pm) With Limelight Private event

June 21th  (9pm) With Limelight @ Sambuca 360, Plano TX

June 19th  (9PM) With Emerald City All Stars Private Event

June 17th  (11AM) With John Adams @ Winewood, Grapeville TX

June 16th  (8pm) With Limelight Private event

June 15th  (8pm) With Limelight Private event

June 13th  Fox 4 Television With Limelight

June 10th  AVERHOFF Jr. & iQba CD RELEASE DATE! (Buy CD on my web)- Digital (Amazon,iTunes) 

June 9th  (7pm) With Emerald City All Stars Private event

June 8th  (7pm) With Limelight Private event

June 7th  (9pm) With Limelight Private event

June 2nd  (7pm) With Limelight Private event

June 1st  (8pm) With Limelight Private event




Carlos Averhoff Jr is a Latin Grammy nominated Cuban tenor saxophonist, contemporary Afro-Cuban Jazz composer and educator. All About Jazz names Carlos "a dynamic fresh new voice on the saxophone” and Latin Jazz Network portrays his playing as “quite extraordinarily expressive and beautiful,” further adding, “Carlos Averhoff Jr is a musician who is renowned as a virtuoso soloist.”

Born in Havana, Cuba, Carlos first encounter with music was through his mother’s womb by the hands of his father, legendary saxophonist and member of Chucho Valdes’s Irakere, Carlos Averhoff. Classically trained in Cuba’s top music schools Manuel Saumel Conservatory of Music, Amadeo Roldan School of Music and Havana’s Superior Institute of Art, Carlos continued his education in the United States earning Suma cum Laude Honors at Berklee College of Music and a Master’s Degree with Honors from the prestigious New England Conservatory of Music.